Final Scope Level

  • $239.00

The Final Scope Level. Truly the last optic setup and maintenance tool you will ever need!


The Final Scope Level is a highly adjustable and rock solid optic mounting station which allows the individual to have the utmost confidence with their set up and equipment. Once leveled onto any surface, the Final Scope Level locks up tightly without the use of any tools. Paired with our ARCA Universal Adapter, the Final Scope Level has 360 degrees of rotation, allowing you to set up your optics pointing in any direction. Listed below are the features and benefits of the Final Scope Level.

 4-8 week lead time


  • Highly adjustable on 3 axis which facilitates an easy set up.
  • Fine pitch adjustment thumb wheels for easy and accurate adjustment.
  • Precision rod end adjustments, inspired by Aviation Flight Control Assemblies.
  • All top surfaces cut in one set up to have features be extremely square and parallel.
  • M1913 rail specifications for standard Picatinny ring/mounts.
  • Center detail allowing the individual to use low rings and the Spuhr Leveling Kit.
  • 10 degree slot between rails to allow the use of the Spuhr 10 degree wedge.
  • Can be directly mounted to our Modular Barrel Vise ARCA Mounting Base.
  • ARCA rail machined into Top Rail.
  • Top Rail can be removed and mounted to any ARCA mount. Individual can mount back up scopes and use as a spotting scope.
  • Built in mounting locations, can be clamped or screwed down to a surface.
  • 6061 construction, CNC machined, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A!
  • 100% lifetime warranty against any defects and failure of parts.

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