6 GT- Custom Dies chambered by Short Action Customs
6 GT- Custom Dies chambered by Short Action Customs
6 GT- Custom Dies chambered by Short Action Customs
6 GT- Custom Dies chambered by Short Action Customs

6 GT- Custom Dies chambered by Short Action Customs

Short Action Customs
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***Short Action Customs is no longer using third party die blanks and parts. Short Action Customs will be designing and manufacturing all die blanks and parts in house.

We are excited to try new materials and heat treat processes which currently have not been avialble in the recent past.

Currently all reloading dies are out of stock and on hold until we start production shortly. Please be patient as we formulate new die assemblies made for uncompromising strength, tolerance and finish.*** 

6mm GT 

Sizing your fired brass a minimal amount is key to long brass life and maximum accuracy. 

As precision rifle builders and precision hand loaders, we are uniquely qualified to make precision sizing and bullet seating dies. This is because we understand not only how to properly make and chamber reloading dies, but also how the brass should fit into your chamber.  After being let down by the big brands which oversize the brass, or wont even properly headspace the brass, we knew we had to make our own.  

"I just tested your sizing die and I am thrilled with the out come. I am coming up with less than .0005 runout. Half a thousand indicator is barely moving."



---- Available Configurations ----

Neck Bushing Full Length Sizing Die

Mitutoyo Micrometer Bullet Seating Die

Non-Micrometer Bullet Seating Die 

Custom Neck Bushing Full Length Sizing and Micrometer Head Seating Dies

Short Action Customs uses Newlon Precision die blanks which are then finished with our custom sizing reamer, designed to offer appropriate sizing for your chamber. Brass is sized ONLY enough for proper function in your chamber. No more overworking the shoulder or body, inducing run-out and stress on your brass. Sizing dies are then heat treated and left in a natural heat treat finish. 


**Some International Shipping is Available. 

Please Send us an Email for International Orders Mark@shortactioncustoms.com **

Benefits of custom sizing die from Short Action Customs

  • Sizes brass .0025" smaller than your fired shoulder diameter. 
  • Bushing neck for the ability to control your neck tension
  • Superior internal finish
  • Decapping rod/pin assembly with no expander ball so you can control your neck tension better

Custom, Micrometer Bullet Seating Die

For bullet seating, we use the Newlon Precision Micrometer Seating Die blanks which are chambered using our chamber reamer so it matches your chamber perfectly, supporting your brass for proper bullet seating. First thing you will notice is how consistent your bullet seating is!! Seating dies are left in a natural 416 Stainless finish. 

Benefits of custom micrometer bullet seating die from Short Action Customs

  • Seating die chamber matches barrel chamber for proper brass support
  • Mitutoyo Micrometer head allows .0001" precision
  • 416 stainless for superior finish and corrosion resistance over untreated 12L-14 dies. 

Some customers question why the dies cost so much. This is because the die blanks themselves are 50% of the cost. We are simply charging $100 over cost to properly chamber the die blanks, engrave, polish, and heat treat the sizing dies. This is a huge value considering the level of precision and technical achievement. 

When compared to mass produced "match grade" reloading dies from the big companies, our dies are above and beyond their quality and execution. 

Just like any of the products made by Short Action Customs, we stand behind all of our products with a 100% guarantee.