Screamer Barrels: 6.5mm

Screamer Barrels: 6.5mm

Bartlein Barrels
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What is a Screamer Barrel?

A Screamer Barrel is a barrel blank that we can completed out and shipped directly to your door in 2 weeks or less! 

That's right, we have select barrel blanks set aside with the sole intention of being completed out in 2 weeks or less. Better yet, we don't need your action or bolt and we can ship directly to your door! 

Whats the catch? Screamer Barrels are Bartlein Barrel blanks which are Cut Rifled, Hand Lapped barrels. There is no compromise in quality, precision or performance, we just have a smaller selection of caliber, twist and contours available.  

Screamer Barrels are offered for Defiance Machine Deviant actions and all private label Deviants with Remington 700 style bolt nose counterbore. 

Want a Screamer Barrel for a different action? We can do them for the following actions, lead time may increase up to 4 weeks and prices may vary. 

  • BAT Machine TR
  • Curtis Custom Axiom and Vector
  • American Rifle Company Nucleus
  • Surgeon 591
  • Impact Precision 737R
  • Badger M2013
  • Accuracy International AX/AT
  • Bighorn TL3 and Origin
  • Kelbly's Atlas Tactical

Screamer barrels can be sold as a stand alone item only! These cannot be combined with any other builds, barreled actions or special offers.  Screamer barrels are production items that we like to move along quickly and efficiently. Custom throating is offered at an additional cost.